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WHERE IS IT? Wednesday

Our love of BIG has its limits. Bugs are usually beyond our scope of warm regards. Although we did love this gigantic Cootie.

This one is kinda cute too, no? Mainly, because it’s not alive.

Nibbles Woodaway

Big bug, small state.

Do you know where it lives? Ten points to the first person who tells us! Extra points for specificity. (By the way, “specificity” is my new favorite word.)

Here’s a hint: my friend Nellie, yet another “Go BIG” convert, took this photo for us…and could only do so safely because she was sitting on the passenger side.

UPDATE: Poor Mr. Nibbles Woodaway, living a life of obscurity, even though he is the world’s largest bug! Only three people chimed in with the correct answer. Our facebook friend Bill S. was the first to name his location: on the top of the New England Pest Control office building in Providence, RI. He’s a 30-year old, two-ton, 58-foot termite, and an icon you can see from the southbound side of I-95.


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Where is it? Wednesday

We haven’t had a Where is it? Wednesday in a while! This time, we have a guest contributing to the fun! Many thanks to Sarah at Wandering Off, a family travel blog which focuses on offbeat adventures, like seeing the world’s largest pecan! (See, I’m not the only one who likes the BIG stuff!)

Behold…the world’s largest cowboy boots!! Sarah tells me that these 40-ft tall cowboy boots were built in the 70’s, but were moved to their current home in 1980.

cowboy boots

World's Largest Cowboy Boots!


HINT #1: They can be seen from I-410.

HINT #2: Mr. Go BIG was supposed to get this photo himself when he was there this summer on a business trip. He didn’t. Said he was too busy working. Whatever.

So, where are they?? Ten points to the first person to get it right!

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Where is it? Wednesday

I love that my friend Patty T. was on another continent, touring her husband’s “ancestral home,” when she heard that this is the largest building in the world covered in delft tile. She thought of me and this blog, and took this photo for our enjoyment!  She’s just SWELL!

So today is an ultra-obscure “Where is it? Wednesday!” Anyone know where this building is located? And perhaps, the name of it?

If YOU have a photo of a BIG attraction – anywhere in the world – that you would like to contribute for “Where is it? Wednesday,” please contact me at Traci [at] GoBIGorGoHomeBlog [dot] com. I ♥ shared photos!

ANSWER: This building is called the Stadshaard. It’s located in Enschede, the Netherlands, and serves as a gateway building for the district of Roombeek.  And — get this – it’s a power station! Amazingly attractive for a public utility building. More information and photos — with detailed looks at the tiles — can be found here.

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Where is it? Wednesday

Today’s image is brought to you by Kodak. This was taken back in the day before we had a digital camera. The Boy was just four years old. He’s heading to middle school in seven short months…sniff…don’t get me STARTED!!

Anyway, can you guess where this was taken? It’s a giant strawberry…which is the hint. This is a timely post relating to this fruity theme!Strawberry

ANSWER: We had a few people submit answers, but only Helen from 2 Weeks Paid had the right answer! She gave us a friendly tweet on Twitter.

It’s the world’s largest strawberry festival! The annual Florida Strawberry Festival takes place in Plant City (near Tampa) every March. It’s going on now, which is why I’m posting this today. And because I always like a good excuse to pore over old photos and make myself verklempt…sniff…


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I ♥ Elwood

Thanks to everyone who took a guess at our “Where is it? Wednesday” game yesterday! Liza and Bill both knew that this fellow – his name is Elwood, sigh – lives in Iowa. To be precise, he lives in Reiman Gardens on the Iowa State University campus.  Mike offered a more compelling back story about Hans, Das mad Gärtner, which I think was a product of his new parent sleep deprivation.

Standing 15-feet tall, Elwood is the world’s largest concrete garden gnome. My special guy Chomsky is the second tallest, at just over 13 feet.

Thanks again to Jody at Family Rambling for providing the photo, and this background info: Elwood is modeled after a garden gnome statue made by Created in Johnston, a company which creates concrete statues.

He is named after both an ISU professor who taught Landscape Architecture, and the original street which Reiman Gardens sits on (which is now called University Avenue).

There is a gnome in Poland which is larger, but he is made of fiberglass.

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Where is it? Wednesday

First, a quick thank you to everyone who entered to win our giveaway last week! Kathy H. has won a copy of the Drive I-95 guidebook by Stan Posner and Sandra Phillips-Posner!

So, my love for garden gnomes has grown to uncomfortable levels. When I set my sites upon gnomes which are among the world’s largest, like this one, things just start getting weird. I mean, isn’t he cute?! Not as cute as Chomsky, the giant gnome here in my native Hudson Valley, but this guy apparently likes to garden, which is a plus in my book.

Jody, the travel blogger at Family Rambling who wrote a guest post for us on the world’s largest Souvenir Travel Plate, got to meet this fellow in person.  Ten points to the first person who can tell me where it is! Yes, he’s been referenced in a previous post, if you want to search.  Hehe, made ya look. Fifty points if you can tell me his name!!

Giant gnome

Also, I feel compelled to remind you to save the date of February 11th for the premiere of the animated movie Gnomeo and Juliet. It’s the humorous story of two garden gnomes who try to avoid tragedy and find a happy ending to their star-crossed love affair when they are caught up in a feud between neighbors. CAN’T WAIT!!

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Where is it? Wednesday

Today’s “Where is it? Wednesday features a steel sculpture (I’ve said too much already) which measures 56′ x 46′ x 46′. Ten points if you can tell me where this is!

BONUS points if you know its name and who made it. No, it wasn’t created by “The Others,” and it’s not on the LOST island, although that’s what Matt thinks. He got a little too wrapped up in that show, if you ask me.

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

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Where is it? Wednesday

When you have kids, you hear a lot about cooties. I don’t know if the expression began with the invention of the popular game in 1948, but I know it was a term I favored as a child…way…back…when. Until I turned 13, and then, mysteriously, boys didn’t seem to be afflicted with cooties anymore.

Thanks to Lucia C. for submitting our “Where is it” Wednesday” pic today!  Where can you see this colorful creature? Ten points to the first one to tell us!


Remember all the little pieces this game came with? I believe they're now called "choking hazards."

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“Where is it?” Wednesday

Who needs a little levity today? Something to brighten their day?  MEEEEEE! And so, I present you with “Where is it? Wednesday.”  Yes, it’s almost Thursday. I should be nestled in bed, reading Real Simple magazine. But Go BIG fans need a hit of something big! And so, better late than never…

Who can tell me where this pink pachyderm is perched?

Pink Elephant

Thanks to Julie from Road Trips for Families, who submitted this from her home state (hint).

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“Where is it?” Wednesday

A fun little game this week, to distract you from the wait for a longer post. It’s…“Where is it?” Wednesday!

Fork in the Road

Left or Right?

Do you know where this literal fork in the road is located? Be the first to identify its location, and win a “Go BIG” note pad and pen!

Two hints:

Across the street is an oil tank painted to resemble a giant Prozac pill

Chelsea may have encountered this fork. Naturally, she chose to go left!

Fork in the Road

If you come to a fork in the road, take it. - Yogi Berra

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