Go BIG or Go Home
What Happens When A Small-Town Family Visits The "World's Largest"... Whatever!

We’re BIG on Branson!

A recent travel writing trip brought me to Branson, Missouri, a beautiful Ozark Mountain town just north of Arkansas. There are many sides to Branson; there’s the historic downtown, the lakes and outdoor recreation, and the lively entertainment strip along Highway 76. Branson is best known for this stretch of theaters, attractions, and restaurants. It’s bright, fun, busy…and dotted with lots of BIG roadside attractions! My rental car made a lot of stops…here are my favorite Branson roadside attractions:

The BIG Chair

It finally happened! One of my “Go BIG” dreams—other than seeing the world’s largest ball of twine—was to sit in a BIG chair. Got it done in Branson! This hand-crafted, 15-foot chair sits in the parking lot of Miss Julie’s Old Time Photos on Highway 76. Thanks to Eric who works there for agreeing to leave his post and snap this shot for me!

Big chair in Branson

World’s Tallest Rooster

Let me introduce you to “Mr. Peck.” He’s the world’s tallest rooster, standing 43 feet tall in front of the Great American Steak and Chicken House. He’s actually a pretty impressive piece of art; his wooden head was carved by chainsaw.

You’ll want to step between his scrawny chicken legs to have lunch or dinner while you’re there. It will be some of the best fried chicken you’ll ever have, and you’ll be thankful that they just leave a whole roll of paper towels on each table. Get a table by the windows for beautiful mountain views.

World's tallest rooster

Giant Banjo and Fiddle

At either end of Grand Country—a hotel with a shopping, dining, and entertainment mall—you’ll find two giant instruments that play an important role in country music. This giant banjo and fiddle both have neon lights for strings, and both jut out beyond the windows, making it a challenge to get the entire instrument in one photo. The replica Gibson banjo has a 47-foot long neck, and some say it’s the world’s largest.

Big banjo in Branson

Your kids will love this place; there are three mini-golf courses, mini bowling, bumper cars, laser tag, and an arcade, along with a gift shop and a pizza buffet.

Big fiddle in Branson

There’s more BIG stuff to report on from Branson…stay tuned for a look at the world’s largest toy museum and the world’s largest Titanic attraction!