Go BIG or Go Home
What Happens When A Small-Town Family Visits The "World's Largest"... Whatever!

World’s Largest Monster, Dover, DE

We’re back from our Virginia road trip! And – five loads of laundry later – ready for a week at home, then a new adventure! This weekend, we’re headed upstate to the Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury, NY!  Six Flags is the world’s largest regional theme park company, and we’re going to be checking out just one of their 21 theme parks!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our giveaway promotion to celebrate the start of “Road Trip Season!” We have two copies of the new CD Road Trip by Hullabaloo, an award-winning kid’s music duo. Our randomly-chosen new subscriber is “dorindahd!” And the second winner – who I chose because I liked his scary-fun road trip story — is Jeff, who blogs at KiscoDad.

So, on our drive home, we made a pit stop in Dover, DE to see the world’s largest monster. The Girl, who was engrossed in a DVD when I announced what we were about to see, naturally voiced her concern. “No monster!!!!”

Dover Speedway

This is Miles, the 46-foot, 40,000-lb. beastly mascot of the Dover International Speedway. I’m just glad we weren’t there at night, because his red eyes glow in the dark. Ever since I watched the Michael Jackson Thriller video alone — while babysitting in a dark house — when I was 13, I just don’t cotton to glowing eyes of any shape, size, or color.

The Monster Monument, presented by AAA, is erupting angrily (or maybe just triumphantly?? So hard to read him…) from within Victory Plaza, outside of Turn 4 of the racetrack. He holds a full-scale stock car in his right hand. There are some fun facts on this site, including the size of his bicep (27 feet), and chest (67 feet, or size 191XL shirt!)

Even larger in Matt’s eyes was the Dover Downs casino next door. Race cars and poker. He secretly hoped we would forget him there.

As you can see from the disheveled appearance of my kids, we had been in the car for hours, and needed any excuse to stretch our legs. We drove as close as we could, snapped some photos, then got back in the car and wearily headed home.

He's not so scary from a safe distance, like 500 feet.

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