Go BIG or Go Home
What Happens When A Small-Town Family Visits The "World's Largest"... Whatever!


I’m a sucker for “Top Ten” lists. The promising alliteration makes my pupils dilate with excited anticipation. Over the past few months, several print and online publications have embraced the road trip and presented their own lists of America’s top roadside attractions. When I read these, I’m at once enthralled at learning what’s out there, and bummed about what I haven’t seen yet.

Check these out, and tell us what you’ve seen on these lists. What’s missing from these lists?

Top 50 American Roadside Attractions from TIME magazine

15 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer / Visit an Original from Parade magazine

America’s strangest roadside attractions from msnbc.com

15 Must-See Roadside Attractions from WomansDay.com

Pull Over! 10 American Roadside Attractions Worth Stopping For from Nileguide.com

Top 10: Roadside Americana from AskMen.com

Yesterday we saw a rented RV on the road, and I said to Matt, “maybe we should rent one next summer and take a cross-country RV adventure. I need to see the world’s largest ball of twine in Kansas.”

World's largest ball of twineI was hardly surprised by his smirk and raised eyebrow, because this has been an idea of his for a few years. But now that it’s MY idea, you see, it’s viable. 🙂  Actually, his version emerged two years ago, when The Girl was still a toddler. And it involved more than a week on Route 66. So naturally, it didn’t happen.

Is it too early to load a countdown clock widget for the Go BIG Summer 2011 Road Trip?!


  1. Fiona said,
    September 7, 2010 @ 7:24 am

    I totally want to see this too! It is almost a mark of passage.

  2. Tanya said,
    September 7, 2010 @ 1:49 pm

    Hi, I’m a subscriber to your site and follower on Facebook too – love the posts! Just wanted to add toptenz.net to your list – I write for them once in a while and I’m also an editor there. They have a list of top 10 Roadside attractions too but instead I’ll share one of my all-time favorite lists http://www.toptenz.net/10-worst-named-cities.php. I wish I had written it! Who wouldn’t want their photo taken in front of the sign for Looneyville, Texas or Boogertown, North Carolina?

    • Traci Suppa said,
      September 7, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

      Boring, Oregon! Heh. Bet the Chamber of Commerce has a hard time with that one! This is a FUN list; thanks for sharing!

  3. elmer said,
    September 24, 2010 @ 1:28 am


    interesting halal cart gotta go next time i’m in town

  4. September 27, 2010 @ 1:48 pm

    I’ve been to the ball of twine! It smells funny.

    • Traci Suppa said,
      September 27, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

      Really?! Don’t ruin it for me…I’ve built it up in my mind (like the pink Huffy bike and so many other things throughout the years) to be something life-alteringly grand!

      I’m so jealous that you also got to see the Ball of Stamps and the Garden Gnome!