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The BIG Times, January 2013

A Round-up of BIG News Highlights Across the Globe

There’s just so much BIG stuff going on every month; it’s difficult keeping track! We’re starting a new monthly feature, the BIG Times, to cover some recent highlights of BIG-ness. A Compendium of the Colossal…an Overview of the Oversized… a Summary of the Substantial…okay, I’ll stop playing around on Thesaurus.com now.

BIG Events

1. You never know what you’ll happen upon in Grand Central Station in New York City. When I took the train into NYC this month for the New York Times Travel Show, I was surprised to find the world’s largest squash spectator event – the J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions – taking place inside Vanderbilt Hall. I stuck around and watched a practice session for a few minutes, imagining myself as a squash player, and wondering how long it would take for me to get pelted with the ball.

J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions

The World’s Largest Squash Spectator Event!

2. This isn’t news if you live in Seattle, but the World’s Largest Snowball Fight took place this month, as 162,000 lbs. of snow was trucked into to a snow fort village, and six thousand people chucked it at each other! The real bonus was that the proceeds went to the Boys and Girls Clubs of King County.

Set Your DVR!

Even though I call it “Train Wreck TV,” I may have to watch at least one episode of “My Big Redneck Vacation” on the CMT Network. The Clampet Family is road-trippin’ across America!  The third season started this weekend. If you don’t get CMT on your cable service, you can watch episodes online.

Click for more on My Big Redneck Vacation.

From Our Readers

1. We love when friends of GBOGH let us know about BIG stuff going on in their area, or when they tell us about BIG places they’ve been. This month, Kelly M. visited the largest indoor market in South Africa, and sent us a photo:

South Africa

2. Also, our friend Jane S. told us about this fun article in the Chicago Sun-Times about all the BIG things in the small town of Cuba, Missouri, like the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. The 6th Annual “Picture on the Rocker Day” is scheduled for August 3. If you go, you can ride a lift up 42 feet to the chair’s seat, and then get your pic taken!

That’s all we have this month! If you have any news or photos to share, feel free to send them to Traci [AT] gobigorgohomeblog [DOT] com.

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  1. Leigh said,
    January 31, 2013 @ 1:29 pm

    So, squash is a pretty intense game! If you don’t know how to play , and play well, I don’t suggest you start with the “world’s largest squash spectator event” so the whole world can see you get pelted with the ball! Just a suggestion! :0)