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Gatorland: World’s Largest Collection of White Alligators, Orlando, FL

“Family travel” is a term conjuring images of theme parks and children’s museums, in between stops at local ice cream parlors. As a helicopter parent, I’m all for that safe, reliable model of away-from-home entertainment. So I’m still trying to figure out what came over me when we visited Gatorland in Orlando, FL this summer.  […]

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Orlando Science Center: World’s Largest Digistar Planetarium

We’re just back from Boston, and summer is winding down. Say, is that a dim light I see at the end of the tunnel?? Why, it looks like the light coming from a local elementary school classroom… Of course, we have yet to share all of our Orlando adventures, so… Where we went, and who […]

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World’s Largest McDonald’s, Orlando, FL

I’m completely swamped by work since we got back from our Orlando trip, and I’m getting very little accomplished, thanks to this time of year which others cheekily call summer “vacation.” However, I’m under an intense deadline to post this one, because this McDonald’s won’t be the world’s largest very much longer. Several sources have […]

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World’s Largest Potato, Orlando FL (for now)

It’s Tater Tuesday on the blog today! We’re celebrating our meet-up yesterday with the world’s largest potato in Orlando. As I mentioned last week, the six-ton potato is touring the U.S. on The Famous Idaho® Potato Truck to celebrate the Idaho Potato Commission’s 75th anniversary.

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While You Wait: Our Favorite Posts of the Past Six Years

You may have noticed – this blog is on a bit of a hiatus. We’re trying to decide where to take it, as our evolving family dynamics don’t take us to many BIG places anymore. The Teen has begun his college search, so we’re more likely to tour a campus than the world’s largest glass […]


NASA’s Kennedy Space Center: Still Open, and Worth The Trip

This U.S. government shutdown is going to do a number on the tourism industry, since all national parks, monuments, and historic sites are closed. And while NASA, the space agency, is also closed, it’s important to note that Kennedy Space Center near Titusville, FL is still open. The Visitor Center Complex is managed and operated […]

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Dinosaur World, Plant City, FL: World’s Largest Dinosaur Attraction

In the summer “Pro” column: school’s out, so we can take fun trips to BIG places. In the “Con” column: school’s out, and having two kids at home leaves little time to blog about it! We’re just back from almost three weeks in central Florida, and we made tracks across that state, let me tell […]

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World’s Biggest Bookstore and World’s Longest Street, Toronto, Ontario

Two debatable world records didn’t keep me from checking out a “world’s largest” and a “world’s longest” while I was in Toronto last month for the TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) conference! Yonge Street Until 1999, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized Yonge (pronounced “Young”) Street as the world’s longest street, because at the time, […]

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Michelin Travel Guide Giveaway!

Call me “old school” – you wouldn’t be the first – but I love researching destinations with travel guides. Actual books that you can hold in your hands, thumbing back and forth between the chapters on food, hotels, shopping…and back to food.  I love their portability for those times when I’m waiting for my offspring […]

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Canyon Climb: World’s Largest Suspended Indoor Ropes Challenge Course, Syracuse, NY

I wanted so badly to vindicate my Park City cowardice this summer, when I didn’t have the nerve to ride on the country’s longest alpine slide. Vindication will have to wait for another day. Where we went, and who was coerced into going: Two weeks ago, we road tripped to Syracuse, NY, mainly for the […]

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