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PHOTO FRIDAY: World’s Largest Pigeon Species, Pittsburgh, PA

We’re headed west to Cleveland today, plodding along I-80, which traverses the width of Pennsylvania in the most boring of fashions. Mere months ago, we took this same route to Pittsburgh, and thought maybe we had enough of this interstate to last a while. Apparently not. Speaking of Pittsburgh, the final BIG thing we saw […]

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PHOTO FRIDAY – Dino Trio, Pittsburgh, PA

“Dino Trio.” Sounds like a smooth crooner group from the ‘50’s. “Singing live tonight at the Starlight Lounge…it’s the Dino Trio!” Last week, on our post about the Jurassic dinosaur collection at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, I mentioned DinoMite Days, a 2004 public art project which resulted in 100 uniquely decorated dinosaurs, made […]

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PHOTO FRIDAY: The BIG sandwich at Primanti Bros., Pittsburgh, PA

A week ago today, we road-tripped to Pittsburgh, PA for the long President’s Day weekend. We have much to share over the coming weeks about the BIG things there. Our first meal was at the original location of Primanti Bros., a culinary institution which was recommended by pretty much everyone. It’s known for BIG sandwiches […]

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While You Wait: Our Favorite Posts of the Past Six Years

You may have noticed – this blog is on a bit of a hiatus. We’re trying to decide where to take it, as our evolving family dynamics don’t take us to many BIG places anymore. The Teen has begun his college search, so we’re more likely to tour a campus than the world’s largest glass […]


Our Top Three Valentine’s Day Candy Recommendations from the World’s Largest Candy Stores!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day candy, chocolate isn’t the only kid on the block. If you want points for creativity, pass on the red heart-shaped box from Walgreens. I can also do without those chalky pastel message hearts, thank you. Our travels have brought us to several BIG candy stores where the selection is […]

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Michelin Travel Guide Giveaway!

Call me “old school” – you wouldn’t be the first – but I love researching destinations with travel guides. Actual books that you can hold in your hands, thumbing back and forth between the chapters on food, hotels, shopping…and back to food.  I love their portability for those times when I’m waiting for my offspring […]

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Reyer’s Shoe Store: The World’s Largest Shoe Store

I need to stop looking at the brochure racks in hotel lobbies. I end up finding places we HAVE to visit on our trips which aren’t on our itinerary. These places usually involve retail, and they make Matt very nervous. Like our November detour to the world’s largest candle store in MA. This time, it […]

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Carnegie Museum of Natural History: World’s Largest Collection of Jurassic Dinosaurs

Dinos rule. The Girl knows this. She likes her animals fierce.  She also appreciates a take-no-prisoners approach in plant life — her favorite is the Venus Flytrap.  I’m not worried. Where we went, and who was coerced into going: As we found out on our recent road trip, Pittsburgh is dinosaur country. In 2004, a […]

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Carnegie Science Center: World’s Largest Permanent Robotics Exhibit

I married a geek. Three years later, I gestated his miniature. So it’s not a stretch to say that the world’s largest robotics exhibit would be something of interest to these two. But here’s the thing. Even if you’re not a geek (or haven’t outed yourself yet), you’re still going to love roboworld™, the world’s […]

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Where We’re Headed, 2012 Edition

See, the problem with taking frequent family road trips is that it gets to be a part of you, and you end up needing to hit the road as frequently as possible. We didn’t travel anywhere this month. It’s killing me. However, staying put gave me the opportunity to plan out our next several adventures. […]

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