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Break a World Record with Your Kids!

We’ve been a part of three world record attempts so far, and will participate in two more this month. My kids get such a kick out of it. Well, technically, the six-year old enjoys it. The 13-year old feigns enthusiasm because he really has no other choice but to join us.

Next week, National Geographic is sponsoring the Great Nature Project, and anyone, from anywhere, can be a part of the attempt to set a world record for the largest online photo album of animals. This one is easy and fun, and it encourages kids to get out into nature. All they have to do is take a photo of an animal in nature and, with an adult’s help, upload it to the album site.

The Girl will be trying again this weekend to get some photos. So far, this is only one she’s taken, of a particularly colorful spider on our front porch. It’s a very prolific web-spinner. I walk through one every morning on the way out to the bus stop.


The second world record attempt we’re joining is local for us. The Beacon Theatre in Beacon, NY (Hudson Valley) is attempting to break the world record for the Longest Handshake Chainon Saturday, September 28th. If you’re in the region and want to be a part of it, register in advance here. It’s a fundraiser for the historic theater, and commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the City of Beacon.

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  1. Rachel said,
    September 23, 2013 @ 10:09 pm

    I think that’s a great idea.. getting your kids involved in activities such as these will awaken their senses and/or find their passion. It’s very brave of your girl to take a photo of this spider. I won’t be able to do that, not without a super powerful lens.. your daughter’s gonna be awesome someday.