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Walt Disney World: World’s Largest Theme Park

On Wednesday, we spent an exhausting day at Walt Disney World, the world’s largest theme park. Specifically, we spent 10 hours straight in the Magic Kingdom, pushing through the heat-induced crankiness and cyclical sugar lows to fit in what everyone wanted to see and do.

There’s not much new to write about Disney World. Many of us have the same photo, standing in front of Cinderella’s castle, and similar stories about our favorite rides and characters. What makes it magical is seeing it through our children’s eyes, especially if it’s their first time there.

This was The Girl’s first visit to the Magic Kingdom. I spent more time watching her face than anything else.

Her first character encounter was with Merida from Brave:


Her first ride on the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel:


And her first parade. Prince Eric waved to her, and she was quite smirky for about an hour afterward.

Disney parade

Do you remember your — or your child’s — first time at Disney?



  1. June 29, 2012 @ 8:58 am

    Great stuff…I have a picture of me with Pluto and I appear no older than 2. Not sure if he was the first I met, but gotta be close…

    • Traci Suppa said,
      July 2, 2012 @ 11:56 am

      Were you freaking out, or did you like seeing him? The Boy always freaked when he was that age, but The Girl nearly knocks them over with her aggressive hugs.

  2. Tricia Damon said,
    June 29, 2012 @ 9:42 am

    My favorite memory of our First visit with our First Daughter occurred in the Parking Lot when we First arrived. We were looking around to note & remember what section of the Lot we had parked, as in… “Goofy 1-23″… when tugging on my shorts, impatiently, my Two and a half year old daughter shouts “Mom, It’s in ANIMALBETICAL ORDER!” I’ve been telling that story for 37 years…I still think she’s Amazing!

    • Traci Suppa said,
      July 2, 2012 @ 11:55 am

      That’s an awesome story! We didn’t notice those parking lot signs…could be because of the torrential rain in our eyes.

  3. Lily said,
    June 29, 2012 @ 11:19 am

    Fairytale town! Beautiful photos!

  4. Celina said,
    June 30, 2012 @ 4:47 pm

    I like it 🙂

  5. July 4, 2012 @ 5:39 am

    I don’t have kids, but my very first time in Disney World is still one of my favorites memories ever. I had just stared my internship there & they took us from backstage to Mainstreet. The music, characters, and Disney smiles made this experience amazing. I will never forget the first time I saw the Cinderella’s Castle. Go Disney!

    • Traci Suppa said,
      July 5, 2012 @ 9:43 pm

      Thanks for your comment! Your internship must have been a fantastic experience. My 12-year old son is fascinated with the idea of all the underground tunnels there, and would love to see them.

  6. July 5, 2012 @ 7:24 am

    I think for a lot of children, a visit to Disneyland is something they’ll never forget. It’s something that is magical.

  7. Terry Denton said,
    July 5, 2012 @ 4:41 pm

    A few years ago we took the kids and grandkids all to Disney World and lived to tell about it . . . sort of.

    I recently began blogging myself. If you have a moment, check out my admittedly quirky travel blog at http://www.travelbyterry.com. It’s a fun read, or meant to be at least. ;0)

    • Traci Suppa said,
      July 5, 2012 @ 9:39 pm

      Thanks for your comment, Terry, and I do like your blog! There is a lot about visiting Disney that has to do with survival; especially during the hot summers!

  8. katroke said,
    July 5, 2012 @ 5:15 pm

    I went to Disney World when I was so young that I don’t remember anything, would it be worth going back if I didn’t have small kids with me? Also, what do you recommend as a good amount of time to spend there?

    • Traci Suppa said,
      July 5, 2012 @ 9:37 pm

      If you enjoy theme parks, you’ll love Disney, regardless of your age! We saw plenty of adults without kids there. There are four different theme parks within Walt Disney World in Orlando. Each takes at least a day to visit, in my opinion. EPCOT is the one geared more to adults than the others. Thanks for your comment!

  9. Wendy Helm said,
    September 21, 2012 @ 10:53 pm

    We travel to Orlando ALL the time but have only taken the kids to Disney once. It was a rough day filled with Rain and long lines. I think it was more exciting for us than for them LOL. Epcot is amazing but they had more fun at Animal Kingdom. We are members of Vacation Experts International Travel Club so we may try Disneyland next time!!

  10. May 6, 2013 @ 10:40 pm

    The look on my children’s faces is the reason why my husband swears Disney World is his favorite place to vacation ever. Love the awestruck look on your little one’s face as gazed up at Merida.

    Thanks for joining the Best of the USA blog hop. 🙂

  11. Alysia said,
    May 7, 2013 @ 4:34 pm

    I was 2 when I went to Disneyland in California, and I don’t remember it at all, nor do I have any pictures…just my Mickey Mouse ears! I first went to Disney World in Florida in high school, and since then I have been many times with my kids. We all love it! Our last trip was in April, and we spent 15 hours at the Magic Kingdom. We didn’t do a lot of character meet & greets this time, but my little girls were over the moon to meet Ariel, Belle, Minnie, and Daisy!